Reunion Information

Additions and Corrections to Attendees List

July 12, 2022


Dear Classmates,

            So far, we have heard from 94 of the 242 people for whom we have confirmed email addresses. So, 1/3 have responded. 

            Of those who have responded, 68 classmates have indicated that they are coming 

and some for them have let us know they are bringing a spouse or guest (23). So, as of today we have a projected attendance of at least 91 which we think is low because we don't have a complete list of the spouse/guests. Please let us know if there are any corrections.

            Of the Classmates who are coming, these have so far indicated that it's ok to list their names:


Madeline Hicks Nena Arduino

Constantine Arpino and Donna DeMarco Arpino

Paul and Edna Barry

Daniel and Lorna Berkowitz

Nancy Blacher Klemens

Len (Clint) Brown

Flora (Butterfield) Larson

David and Joanna Caccavero

Ellen Cerf Raphaeli

Linda Covich Olstein

Harvey and Cynthia Creem

Honey DiBona

Stephen Dephoure

Marcia Epstein Eisenberg

Susan Evans Spaniol

Joe Falkson

Vinnie Farina

Nancy Freedman Goldstein and Len Goldstein

Ann Gordon Kogan

Carol Gorgone Stenberg and Paul Stenberg

Joseph and Karen Green

Wendy (Greene) Sohn

Paul Guzzi

George Hallet

Moe Handel

Barbara Hayes (Buell)

Barbara Indursky Mahlowitz 

Harold Kowal

Tony Lavely

Stephen Lewenberg

Raymond McNamara and Kevin McNamara

Maureen Maguire

Judy Malone Neville

Joyce Matheson

Linda Mills

Kathy Morse Kiley

Joe O'Donnell and Barbara O'Donnell

Barbara Olans Herman

Susan Quinn

Susan Rice Harris

Paul Roberts

Maureen Rogan Deeley

Peggy Rosenbaum Morrison

Diane Rote Freeman

Harvey and Andrea Rosenthal

William Sellers

David Senecal

Diane (Terrio) Newton

Leslie Weinstein Fishman

Barry White

Barbara Yoffe Bornstein

Bob Ziegel